Complete Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Creating a seamless process to future-proof your EV Charging ecosystem and position your site’s infrastructure for scalability.

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Design & Engineering

It is critical to have a thoughtful design and well-engineered site plan for your EV Charging requirements. Including: site visits, detailed drawings, and power capacity – especially for DC fast charger installations.

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Equipment & Sourcing

Charge is equipment agnostic. Our specialists work directly with our clients and EVSE OEM’s to ensure the optimal EV charging equipment is selected and sourced for your business demands, customer needs and site plan.

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Installation Services

Charge has an experienced team of engineers, electricians and specialists that ensure your EV charging solution is installed in a safe and reliable manner while minimizing disruptions to your business and customers.

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Data & Software Solutions

Charge has software solutions that help manage EV charging. The platforms we source have the ability to manage OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) equipment from various EVSE manufacturers.


Deployment Approach

We plan and execute design projects, power audits, utility coordination, site surveys, equipment installation, maintenance, and monitoring.

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Phase 1

Electrical Overview & Site Survey

Research current load utilization, capacity, and power availability. Produce study for site planning, equipment selection, and potential utility upgrades.

Phase 2

Engineering & Design

Prepare design and plans for contracting, permitting and construction, as well as civil, electrical and project engineering.

Phase 3

Construction & Installation

Commence permitting, planning, installation, and commissioning. Services include full project management, collaboration with engineering teams, equipment procurement and logistics coordination.